Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Timber!

Today Timber is officially 3 years old! We love the big guy to death and can't imagine not having him as our dog.

Photos are done by Marty & Michelle Lenger - you guys rock!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

California - Day 8

We left Napa and headed for San Francisco. Hung out by Fisherman's wharf, Pier 39 and just relaxed. Ended up going downtown and saw a sign for Wicked. It was sold out, but we can back later and season tickets were returned so we got sweet seats. Best way to end our trip!

California - Day 6-7

NAPA!!!!! We loved Napa! Winery after winery, right next to each other. It's absolutely beautiful. Although you can spend a lot of money really fast.

California - Day 5

Hung out in Monterey, shopping, site-seeing and going to the aquarium. Decided to do some more hiking so we went to Point Lobos State Reserve. Gorgeous! Met some new friends there too! (see the pic below)

California - Day 4

This day was one of our favorites. The landscape driving up the coast through Big Sur was just unbelievable! We stopped at a couple state parks and did some hiking.

California - Day 3

We hung out in San Luis Obispo and were told to hike up this good mountain trail. Quite the workout for both of us after being sick, but the views were definitely worth it. In the picture with the sign we hiked to the top of the mountain behind it. Then headed back to Cambria and stayed in a hotel on the water with the last picture being our view from the room. We cracked the window and heard the waves crashing all night!

California - Day 2

The next day we headed up the coast a little farther, stopping off at Pismo Beach. This was a sweet place that you can drive your vehicle right on the beach and then go up into the dunes. (Similar to Silver Lake in Michigan, but you get on the dunes from the beach.) Then up to Cambria (seals) for an amazing dinner on the ocean and then up to Hearst Castle.

Deb & John - thank you so much for having us and being fantastic tour guides! We love you both! Miss you already!

California - Day 1

Our trip started out flying into LA, with Larry and I both still getting over being sick. Not a great way to start an awesome vacation, but we still made the most of it. My wonderful aunt Deb and uncle John were going to be hanging out with us for the first couple of days. We headed up to Solvang a cute little Danish town and then to some wineries around there. Beautiful area!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Surprise Party!

A couple weeks ago we threw a surprise birthday party for Larry's mom! It turned out to be a fantastic night full of tons of laugh with family and friends. Of course, mom had to shed a tear or two! We love you mom!

Charlie's 2nd Birthday!

Back on March 1st, Charlie turned two! We had a little party for him and I still can't believe he's 2! Jake and Sydney were having fun too playing with his new toys.